About Us

Vowels Lifesciences was started by Mr. Midhun A Kunj and Mr. Praveen Kumar Bhavarlal in 2020, amidst the pandemic, they chose to challenge the status quo of the traditional methods of healthcare and hospitalization to transform and revolutionize the healthcare offerings. The company focuses on the creation of a circular ecosystem, with Education, Learning and Development, Hospitals, and Stem Cell Banking.

Brand Philosophy of 'Vowels'?

Cell is the start of life for mankind, ‘Vowels’ similarly is the start of the journey of a baby’s life. The idea of Vowels germinates from the concept of birth, a new born baby’s first syllables are “O” or “Ah”. In Sanskrit, “Aa” from “Aum” signifies as praava or Prana, life. The very beginning of anything -LIFE. At vowels, we believe the conception of the child is where the journey of a child begins. Our varied offerings aim at providing a wholesome experience for the mother and child from the very start. We believe that motherhood begins even before the conception of the child, We aim to be an aid to every aspect of motherhood, right at the source. We hope you’d join us in the journey of making a difference in the lives of people from the get go with Vowels Lifesciences. Thinking Ahead!


To become the leading differentiator in healthcare by providing global innovative solutions while creating a circular ecosystem


To empower care givers by providing first of its kind solutions with uncompromised quality and support