Vowels 196

A stem cell banking division of Vowels Lifesciences, the focus is on building the largest repository of stem cells, that will help in saving lives in the right time. We also conduct technologically advanced research that explores the multitude of possibilities of stem cell therapy.  With a vision to become the largest repository of stem cells, that helps save lives at the right time with affordable options to every budget to encourage stem cell banking as a ‘Blood Insurance’

Every expectant mother has the power to nurture & nourish the infant inside her. Through the umbilical cord she preserves life, and her love towards her child is beyond compare! Protecting her child is a lifelong endeavour.

We at Vowels 196 take inspiration from mothers. We are involved with LIFE right from conception to birth and beyond. Through Vowels 196, one of our core divisions, we partner parents to preserve stem cells during birth, which later act as life savers!

Not just stem cell banking; we go beyond! We have dedicated ourselves to build an ecosystem that spans various developing technologies connected with Life Sciences. Our mission involves harmoniously blending nature and technology for the greater benefit of mankind.

Our Philosophy of ‘Thinking Ahead’ determines everything we do. We aim to pioneer innovative possibilities to revolutionize the future of medicine and well-being of mankind by unleashing the power of biotechnology.

Our Facilities

  • Unique PPP model, One stop solution for the needy
  • A holistic health partner in Mother and Child Care
  • Advanced Clinical Technology
  • Well-maintained quality and standards
  • Unique and comprehensive Health package