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Within studies, quantitative parameters is showed in terms of mean and you can important departure and you may stratified variables when it comes to numbers and you may percentages. T-decide to try was utilized to compare the brand new mode and you will logistic regression data was used to check brand new separate variables in the postpartum anxiety. 05.

3. Abilities

After collecting data, results obtained from 174 pregnant women entered statistical analysis. 23 pregnant women were excluded from the study due to positive results from the Beck test. 9 participants with gestational diabetes mellitus, 2 cases of hypothyroidism, and 5 patients with preterm labor were hospitalized. 9 people did not attend follow-up and did not respond to telephone calls, 1 had a stillbirth, and thus 49 participants were excluded from the study. The mean age of the participants was 25.7 years. 42% of the mothers experienced the first pregnancy. 67.8% of the mothers were scored below 12 in Edinburgh’s postpartum depression scale and 32.2% had a score above 12. After examining the demographic variables between the two depressed and nondepressed groups including mother’s age, education level, job, type of delivery, sex of neonate, number of pregnancies, and father’s education and job, the household income was the only variable that had significant difference in the two groups and it was lower in the depressed mothers (p <0.05) (Table 1).

The information connected with a portion of the parameters and prepregnancy weights, body mass index, another and you will 3rd trimester gaining weight, and type and you may complete gaining weight in pregnancy was in addition to statistically analyzed. Determine her or him, the latest mathematical sample regarding logistic regression was applied so there is actually a critical dating ranging from depression and putting on weight of your own third trimester (Otherwise = 1.17).

With respect to the numbers demanded by IOM getting regular and heavy women that are pregnant, pounds change were put into step three teams: ineffective, adequate, and you can way too much, as well as reference to despair was investigated of the logistic regression take to and that didn’t reveal any high matchmaking (Dining table 2). Once the money was notably various other ranging from disheartened and you can nondepressed teams, the partnership anywhere between despair and all of pounds variables are remeasured with changed effect of top hookup apps Lincoln income and you may once more just the 3rd trimester lbs obtain had tall relationship with anxiety because of the effect of income (Or step one.17, 95%CI 1.04-step 1.32) (Dining table step three).

4. Dialogue

Since the found in today’s investigation, discover no matchmaking between initially lbs and you will very first Body mass index once the well while the particular Body mass index (regular or overweight) and you can PPD. Research indicated that feamales in gestational months are at the higher threat of despair and studies have shown a love between being obese and you can despair when you look at the pregnant and you may nonpregnant girls and you can determined that around are a dosage-effect dating involving the escalation in primary Bmi and the improved chance of depression during pregnancy and you may postpartum .

In the current analysis, 33% regarding parents that have regular Bmi and you will 30.4% of heavy pregnant women got achievements off PPD evaluating, although the several groups didn’t have a big change for the postpartum despair.

In line with our conclusions, LaCoursiere (2006) revealed that this new incidence away from PPD periods in women having regular Body mass index are 22.8 ± step one.2% and it try 31.8% ± dos.5% within the overweight females in an another data, certainly one of 245 women that are pregnant that have typical lbs during pregnancy, eight.8% throughout the 6-8 weeks immediately following birth got despair . We hypothesized your way more Body mass index early in pregnancy is, the greater number of possibly the mother is to try to sense PPD but the knowledge did not support the hypothesis. Fox and Yamaguchi (1997) concluded that in comparison with prepregnancy normal weight women, overweight women was in fact very likely to keeps self-confident have a look at about their muscles photo and you may gaining weight during pregnancy and rates away from experience PPD was similar towards a couple of communities .

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